Real Estate Investing

Written by Marc on March 1st, 2007

Want to make a lot of passive income(income that you don’t physically have to work for) ?? Well then real estate investing is for you.? By owning rental properties, you can get a paycheck every month without lifting a finger.? It is also a great opportunity to leverage your money – the use of a small initial investment, credit, or borrowed funds to gain a very high return in relation to one’s investment.? If you want to get rich, this is the way to go.

But I don’t want to fix a broken toilet!

If you do it right, you don’t have to.? That is what your property management company is for.? If you hire a property management company to manage your properties, the day to day maintenance, the tenant problems, and the rent collection is all handled for you.? You just receive a cheque at the end of the month, that’s it!? Now wasn’t that easy!

But my friend said there are no deals left in real estate.

Well that is not true.? You see, just because the area that you live in doesn’t have any screaming deals, you don’t live in the only town in the world.? When one area of the country is doing bad, another is doing well.? You just have to know where to look and what to look for.

?But I don’t have time to look at properties… I am just too busy.

Make the time.? Even an hour or two per week will get you on your way to finding investment properties.?? You can even use your breaks and lunch hour at work to look in real estate papers, look online, or make phone calls.? Really, the choice is up to you.

Where do I start?

Go to your local library, or bookstore and read up about real estate investing.? There are plenty of books out there.? Go to seminars, talk to your banker, talk to a real estate agent and try to make friends that have investment property.? You will learn what you need along the way.? Also, read what we have on this site – it is a great free resource of real estate investing information.

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