LCD, Plasma and High Definition Installation and Training Opportunity

Written by Marc on March 16th, 2007

With all the new televisions on the market such as LCD and plasma, consumers are now in the dark on has to hook up and operate their television.  No longer can they just hook up their rabbit ears and watch TV, those simple days are gone.

This lack of knowledge creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to install these new televisions in people’s homes.  Installing these televisions in customers homes is also a great opportunity for selling additional accessories that would go with their new tv.  Such items as component and HDMI video cables, surge protectors, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), and wall mounts are items that are usually required when installing the television in a home.  If they do not have high definition cable or satellite, it is also a good opportunity to sell it to them – you can either provide the service yourself or partner up with a high definition provider, where you get paid for each account that you refer to them.

You can also install their home theatre system, DVD player or recorder, VCR, etc.  After you are done installing it, show them how to use their devices, and provide them with simple instructions in case they forget after they leave. 


Some considerations:

  1. Buy some insurance

    You should buy some insurance to cover if you break their television or damage their house in any way.  In the same token, you should have some liability insurance in case you do get sued for damages, neglect, etc.

  2. Train your staff regularly

    With so many changes in the world of technology, you need to have your staff keep up to date.  Provide literature and regular training for your staff so that they do not run into jobs they cannot handle.  Consider setting up a knowledge base, or repository for unique problems that they have encountered and dealt with.

  3. Get non-competition agreements from your staff

    Get all your staff to sign non-competition agreements prior to them being hired by you.  This will help with customer retention, as well preventing your staff from quitting and setting up their own installation service to compete with you.  If there are any breaches of the non-competition agreements, be sure to pursue them with legal action.  Consult your lawyer to assist you with the preparation of the non-competition agreement.

  4. Partnering with a retailer

    If you were to partner with a retailer that sold high definition televisions, you would have a steady flow of customers for your service.  Retailers such as Costco Wholesale, Wal-Mart, etc.  don’t provide their customers with installation services.  You can also offer them a finder’s fee for each referral they send your way as saying “thank you” for their business.  Be sure to get a legal agreement in place regarding the arrangements of your company providing service to their customers. 

By creating a business that installs high definition televisions such as LCD and Plasma TVs in customers houses, you provide a valuable service.  Many people are confused as to how to setup their new television and how to operate it.  By providing training on the use of their televisions, people are now able to enjoy their purchase, rather than be frustrated by it.  Be sure to protect your company from competition through legal contracts and aim to provide your service to retailers that do not provide it for their customers.  Start a high definition television and home theatre installation company.

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