Websites offer high ROI, low risk

Written by Marc on April 22nd, 2007

If you are unfamiliar with owning a website, it is worth taking a look.  Websites cost as little as $0.99 at the moment, which would mean that you would have to go without your morning coffee to try your hand at being a webmaster.

Obviously, $0.99 doesn’t cover the development, marketing, or maintenance of your website.  None the less, if nine out of ten businesses fail in the first year, it would cost under ten dollars to get a website that would succeed (provided the odds work out as they should.)

Chances are that you could recoup your initial investment during the year.  Recently I crunched some numbers regarding a website project I was considering and my daily costs just to break even were a big seven cents per day.  My conservative expectations were that I could earn one dollar per day, that would work out to just under $340 dollars profit per year, or a return on investment of 34,000%.

To give you a real life example of this in practice, I just bought a free link directory this week for $55.  Four days into owning this site, I have earned a 10% ROI.  Not bad for no real work.

If you are not experienced or comfortable running a website by yourself, you can purchase an automatic website for as little as $5 for the year.  Even conservative estimates would suggest you should be able to turn your $5 investment into at least $50 in one year.

Be sure to give websites a try.  With low investment requirements, low risk and a huge ROI, websites should be an important part of your investment portfolio.

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