Fear of Success

Written by Marc on June 23rd, 2007

Now, this may seem a little weird for a business opportunity blog, but it is something I suffer from.  Fear of success?  Is that possible?  Yes it is.

What is the fear of success?

Some of the symptoms of the fear of success are:

  • Fear that even if you accomplish all that you have set out to achieve that you will not achieve happiness, be content or be satisfied with the outcome.
  • You feel undeserving of all your accomplishments and successes.
  • Fear that your accomplishments can be destroyed at anytime.
  • Fear that after you have achieved what you have set out to accomplish, your interest will wane and your success will fade
  • Happiness will not come from your accomplishments and that you will be dissatisfied with life
  • What do you do once you have succeeded in your task?  A fear of the future.

The results of this fear can affect many aspects of your life.  Some of the negative consequences can include:

  • A lack of effort to achieve goals you have set for yourself in life, school, work, business, etc.
  • Procrastination – if you don’t do it, you will not have to face achieving success.
  • A feeling of guilt when you do achieve success causing you to lose momentum.
  • Get used to feeling sympathy from others.
  • Make an effort to be unhappy, and unsatisfied with life.

The beliefs of someone who is afraid of success:

  • If I achieve all the goals in my life, then what do I do?
  • How will people like me if I do achieve my goals in life?
  • I don’t deserve to succeed.
  • Working all the time makes me happy.  What would I do if I didn’t have to work all the time?
  • If I want to fail, I have the right to choose to fail.

How do I overcome the fear of success:

  • Accept yourself as successful, happy and accomplished.
  • Reward yourself upon achievement of goals and milestones.
  • Get your friends to warn you when you are engaging in self-destructive acts or thoughts.
  • Monitor your level of commitment in reaching your goals.
  • Giving others recognition and support of their goals and accomplishments.
  • Accepting compliments and recognition from others with an open mind.

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