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Written by Marc on August 17th, 2007

It seems that it has been almost a month since I have written here.  It is not that I don’t have anything to say, rather it is because I have been busy that this site has not been updated.  What have I been doing that is so important that I don’t update the blog?  Read on and see…

Basically for the last month I have been working on a blueprint to get me out of work.  You see, my children are getting old (my oldest is just starting kindergarten) and I feel like I am missing their lives.  I miss doctor’s appointments, concerts, volunteering at school and church and many other things that just plain suck.  So, in essence, my blueprint’s goal is to get me out of working a real job so that I can spend some more time with my children, as well as work on this blog and other projects I am involved in.  So, good for me and good for you readers out there.

The Details

Basically this past month I have been planning, analyzing and partnering on different projects.  My online team now consists of four people: three of us live in Saskatoon and the other member of my team lives in India.  The idea of more people working on multiple projects is that we all contribute different strengths to the mix as well as each member can contribute on different projects (so we can do more work in the same amount of time).

So, my team is set.

I then needed something for the team to do.  You may have the best people in the world working for you but if you have nowhere to lead them or nothing to direct them to, well, your team will be kind of useless.  So, I drew upon my own experience, as well as frequenting some webmaster forums in order to come up with some good ideas for projects.  My goal is to build sites to sell, build some sites to keep, as well as setup automated sites that just bring in money with little babysitting.  I was able to come up with three types of sites to work on:

  1. Proxy Websites:

    A web proxy is a website that allows you to browse anonymously and bypass blocked sites at work or school.  Basically these sites are completely automated (except for the promotion) and are very popular when school is in.  I have created one free proxy server with a custom template and will make some more proxy sites as well.  So far the response has been good and the site has put some money in my pocket.

  2. Web Directories

    A web directory is sort of like a search engine but instead of a bunch of robot collected sites, the sites in a directory are edited by a human, making the sites more relevant to someone searching on the site.  You can make both paid web directories and free link directories.  What I have done is added some directories to my small network of web directories with the expectation to sell these new directories to pay for the promotion of my existing network.  I am trying for a turn around time of two weeks which gives me some time to promote the sites before selling them.  I will see how selling the sites go, my first one goes on sale on August 24.

  3. Content Sites

    It seems that almost every site online that tells you how to make money says that “content is king” and make a bunch of niche sites to make the big bucks.  I guess this is sort of the same idea, though we will be building sites to sell and to hold.  The idea is simple:  create a site with useful information in a niche that is not over populated with sites, promote it and get ranked well, and then make money from the ads on the sites.  I have seen a lot of these sites in the last few weeks sell brand new for $100 to $300 per site.  I would expect to make a few bucks each day on those sites I did keep, so if the performance of the sites I do keep don’t meet expectations, I can sell the sites for a profit .  These sites require a little less babysitting than web directories so I will be focusing a lot of time here as well.

So, that is the big plan.  My investment in capital is minimal, but my return should be good.  I would expect on average to see the sale of one of these sites to be ten times what I invest in it.  For example, a content site with 10 articles should easily sell for $100 – over ten times what it costs to setup the site.  I will keep you all updated on how it goes and what little tidbits of wisdom I learn on the way.

The countdown is on:  Only 23 Days Until I am done working “a real job.”

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