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Saskatoon Real Estate Prices Up 56% Over Last August

Written by Marc on September 12th, 2007 with no comments

Numbers have come in the the past week for real estate sales in August in Saskatoon.  The average price rose to $253,240 from $161,921 just one year ago.  This number is slightly higher than July and a new record for the city.

This trend is expected to continue into the fall when residents try to move into their new houses before the snowfall.  Also, with the continued interest from out of town investors, many realtors expect the housing prices to continue on their upward trend.

How does this benefit you?

If you are a real estate flipper, you can see increased returns on your investment.  It is also a great time to get rid of some of your poor performing …

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Leasing Rental Properties

Written by Marc on September 6th, 2007 with no comments

Yesterday, while driving down the road, I came across an interesting sign.  It was a sign from a local commercial leasing company who was offering to build whatever building you needed, provided you leased it.  Now, you might wonder what was so interesting about this, but one of the items on the sign caught my eye:  rental.

Now, I may have read the sign wrong, as I would expect to see “retail” on the sign.  That aside though, it did give me a good idea – leasing rental properties.

I am not thinking of this in the traditional sense where you get your tenants to sign a lease for X amount of months.  Rather I am thinking of it from …

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