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The Truth About Your Competition

Written by Marc on January 24th, 2008 with 1 comment

I have been spending a good portion of my time lately networking and participating in many discussions about business.  I feel that this is a great way for me to learn and see different perspectives that may be able to give me an edge in my business.

There was a particularly stimulating conversation this week in one discussion regarding your competition.  Now, the discussion was relating to online businesses, but to be honest, it can apply to traditional brick and mortar businesses.

It basically comes down to this: you can look at your competition from two different perspectives. 

Perhaps the most common perspective is this: your competition is your enemy.  They take your business away from you, take your …

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Presentation is Everything in Business

Written by Marc on January 22nd, 2008 with no comments

I don’t want to start out sounding shallow, but looks are everything when it comes to a first impression.  Think of a restaurant – if you see dirty tables, get dirty cutlery, or see hair in your food, will you be coming back?

I sure wouldn’t.

It is the importance of how your business presents yourself that will either make or break your business.  You may have the best product, offer the best customer service, but if you make a bad impression, no one will care about your strengths.

This reminds me of a lesson that I was taught at my first job twelve years ago.  You see, I was working at a doughnut shop in town and I was …

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Evolve or Die: Saskatoon Fast Food Restaurants

Written by Marc on January 9th, 2008 with no comments

With the boom that Saskatoon has been experiencing over the past years, there have been some serious changes in the employees in town.  You see, the "good" employees have moved from the entry level jobs (such as fast food, retail sales, etc.) to higher paying jobs.  With their glowing resumes and references, they have had no problems getting new jobs.

The result of the good staff moving, has left a void to be filled by the mediocre or poor employees.  Taking a look at the help wanted signs down every street, the businesses are in a position where they need bodies to work, so they hire these people that don’t do a good job.

The result of this …

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