Presentation is Everything in Business

Written by Marc on January 22nd, 2008

I don’t want to start out sounding shallow, but looks are everything when it comes to a first impression.  Think of a restaurant – if you see dirty tables, get dirty cutlery, or see hair in your food, will you be coming back?

I sure wouldn’t.

It is the importance of how your business presents yourself that will either make or break your business.  You may have the best product, offer the best customer service, but if you make a bad impression, no one will care about your strengths.

This reminds me of a lesson that I was taught at my first job twelve years ago.  You see, I was working at a doughnut shop in town and I was going to be the decorator (the guy who puts the icing on the donuts).  Now, our prices were three times what the grocery store offered and they were situated across the parking lot. I can remember the advice given to me by the owner – it went something like this:

The most important part of your job is presentation.  You see, our customers come here because our doughnuts look good and are willing to pay the price for that.  In their mind they associate the better presentation (compared to the grocery store) with better taste and that is why they keep coming back.  It is this emphasis on presentation that gives value to our products.

I had actually forgot about this lesson until recently when I was out for coffee (and a doughnut).  You see, this site was not doing so well on the presentation – and I knew I needed to do something about it.

Now, it took me about a week, but you are now looking at the final product.  What do you think?

You might wonder if this facelift has any impact on the revenue generated from the site – and it has.  In fact, in the short five days or so, I have seen the income of the site jump about 50% !  I expect this number to increase even higher as time goes on since the site now has the professional image that it deserves.

What image is your business presenting?

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