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OAPD: Day 1 – Skype Related Lens

Written by Marc on March 26th, 2008 with 4 comments

skype-usb-phone-adapter-review-thumb1 For Day 1 of the One Asset Per Day challenge (OAPD), I decided to go with a Squidoo lens.  I have had more experience making Squidoo lenses than Hub pages, so I knew it would be a quicker process.

The topic of today’s website is Skype USB Phone Adapter Review.  I decided to do a review on something I owned and had experience using.

Also, I picked this product because it is available on both and, in hopes of getting some affiliate commissions if anyone buys the Skype phone adapter as well.

Time wise, it …

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One Asset Per Day: My Business Commitment

Written by Marc on March 25th, 2008 with 5 comments

One Asset Per Day Over the past few months, I have seen explosive growth in my business, but I have hit a wall.  You see, instead of building my business by creating more websites, I have been just riding the wave of my success.  Though that has been great, it is time for me to focus on building my business.

Originally when I quit my day job back in September, my goal was to build web sites and to keep them or sell them based on the income they generated.  Sadly, I haven’t sold one site at all.

Also, back in …

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Changing Focus

Written by Marc on March 19th, 2008 with 1 comment

For many of you regular readers out there, over the past year, you have read many articles here dealing with real estate investing and business opportunities, with a little focus on online opportunities.  I would like to think that I have brought a unique perspective to the table and with the continued traffic the site has enjoyed (even to those old articles).

But things change.  Over the past couple of months, my focus has moved from traditional brick and mortar businesses and real estate investing, to online businesses.  In fact, I was able to leave my job back in September because my online business has taken off.

So, I will be focusing more on the online business opportunities from now …

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