One Asset Per Day: My Business Commitment

Written by Marc on March 25th, 2008

One Asset Per Day Over the past few months, I have seen explosive growth in my business, but I have hit a wall.  You see, instead of building my business by creating more websites, I have been just riding the wave of my success.  Though that has been great, it is time for me to focus on building my business.

Originally when I quit my day job back in September, my goal was to build web sites and to keep them or sell them based on the income they generated.  Sadly, I haven’t sold one site at all.

Also, back in January, I made a comment on a blog, where I stated that I wanted to have 500 websites under my control by the end of 2008.  Right now, I am sitting at 37, when I should be at 116 websites – a little off the mark.

So, I am making the commitment, here and now, that I will build at least one asset per day to add to my online business.  Though that may seem like a daunting task, I will be focusing on three types of sites for the first little while, and then expanding from there.  The three types of sites are the following:

  1. Squidoo Lenses

    I don’t know if you have heard about Squidoo yet, but it is worth a look.  They allow you to create a web page about anything that you are interested in.  The benefit is they rank very well in search engines, they share revenue with you (so each page you make can put money in your pocket), and you can sell the lenses as well.  Some examples of lenses(their name for a page) I have made are the following:

    Free Link Directory Information
    Free Proxy Servers
    Clearance Laptop Accessories

  2. Hub Pages

    Hub pages is similar to Squidoo, yet different.  They are also very favored by Google, and send some of their traffic directly to your hubs (names for your pages) as well.  The revenue here is split as well, though you don’t have to wait as long to receive it as with Squidoo.  I do have a little less experience with them compared to Squidoo, but I have been impressed so far.  Some of my hubs are the following:

    Free Spyware Removal Software
    Five Uses for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  3. Content Sites

    I will be also creating content sites that will have the goal of making money through Adsense and affiliate sales.  I have a goal of about ten articles per site, with each article being about 500 words.  I have had a couple of these sites with mixed results, but if the site doesn’t perform as well as you expect, you can always sell it.  Check out these examples:

    Home Plumbing Repair
    Vitamins Supplement

I do realize that my goals are lofty, but they are surely attainable.  I will be updating my progress each day with the new asset I have created, as a way to keep myself accountable and on track.

I challenge all of you out there reading this to make a commitment to build your online business as well.  If one site per day is too much for you, make a commitment to one site per week, or even per month.  This way you have a goal to take action on.  Make your commitment below in a comment, and we can follow along with you as well.

Well, I better get working on Day 1 of One Asset Per Day Challenge!

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5 Responses to “One Asset Per Day: My Business Commitment”

  1. Marc, I am sure that will attain your goal though it blows my mind just the idea of 500 websites! I am committed to following my marketing plan which should consistently get my name out there. I also want to turn the Passion Project blog into a major force.

  2. The trick Katherine is to think of it this way: If you have 5 websites, if you just add another zero behind it, you would have 50.

    Same goes with 500. It is just one more zero.

    Though it seems mind boggling, there is no reason why it isn’t possible – I’ll just have to grow so that it can become a part of my reality.

  3. As i think, having 1000 websites is not a good achievement, but having one popular website is a achievement. Here i wana give you one suggestion…just make popular your one website and see the magic.

    Anyways, you post is good and blog aswell.

  4. you had really a great deal with you business commitment. 500 websites target was much higher then in actually working but considered. I am also at the same path but it matters to give time. And I do so for your Blog i.e. to comment.

    Basic difference till now I was known about Hub pages and Squidoo, but Thanks to you.
    Nice blog with best posts. Thanks

  5. hmmm…

    am trying in same way, looks we got much similarities, but difference in target. your target is to high, am just a simple working..! not stressed to get with 500 websites…! as you do.
    your seems to make it abundant And its great too…!

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