OAPD: Day 2 – Stress Relief Gifts

Written by Marc on April 4th, 2008

stress relief gifts and ideas lens Well, Day 2 came a lot later than I had been expecting.  Unfortunately life has been a little hectic and I have been unable to continue the challenge.  That being said, I am not going to take a break from the challenge anymore (fingers crossed).

Today, I built another Squidoo lens for the One Asset Per Day (OAPD) challenge.  This one is in the health and shopping niche and it is for Stress Relief Gifts and Ideas.

I am trying a layout that I mimicked (similar but different) from another lens that I liked.  The idea of this lens is to provide useful information and an opportunity for the visitor to buy stress relief gifts for themselves and their friends.

Time wise, this one took about an hour and a half (mostly in search of images) not including promotion.

Feel free to comment below on what you think, comment on the lens (hint, hint) and I will see you again tomorrow for Day 3!

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