A Call to Action for Women Online

Written by Marc on April 7th, 2008

I was participating in a brainstorming call this morning with a group of women that are members of the Passion Project blog.  During our conversation an interesting thing came up:  there are not a lot of women gurus online.

Honestly, I had never thought of that before.  When I think Internet guru, I can really only think of men such as Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, Rich Schefren off the top of my head.  When it comes to women gurus, unfortunately, I really cannot think of anyone.

What does that mean for you ladies out there?


I am always big on finding the next big opportunity or idea.  Well, this is not something that I can take advantage of (since I am a man), but it is a great chance for some of you women out there to take up the torch.

Whoever does take opportunity of the lack of women gurus in the Internet marketplace will have significant first mover advantage.  Quite honestly, even though most of the male Internet gurus know their stuff, I would much rather watch a woman talking about the same topics instead.  I’ll blame it on genetics, but the truth of the matter is as a man, I would be more likely to watch the material if it was presented by a woman.

Women have the opportunity to present their ideas from different perspectives and quite honestly, I usually find a woman’s voice more soothing and engaging compared to a man’s.  I think that by presenting their ideas online, it would open up opportunities for equality online as well as brining fresh perspectives to the marketplace.

I would suggest if any of you out there that would like to establish themselves as a woman Internet guru in your niche, by having a repertoire of videos, podcasts and material geared towards your niche, it should be easy to dominate your niche.

So, here is my call of action to my women readers: take advantage of the opportunity and carve out a place for yourself and become a woman guru online.  It is about time that women take advantage of this great opportunity.

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12 Responses to “A Call to Action for Women Online”

  1. Hi Marc, interesting point of view! I actually know a couple of women I consider gurus. For instance Alice Seba (whom I know personally), Kelly McCausey and of course the Ezine Queen.

  2. Internet marketing has traditionally been very testosterone-driven. The language and tone are male-oriented, and that puts a lot of women off. Women, as a rule, tend to be more collaborative than hard-sell.

    To me, that means that social media will bring an emergence of a large number of successful women marketers. The way we sell online is changing, and the time for women is now.

    Yes, I know there are successful women online. But most of the big-ticket online marketing has been the whose-is-bigger, brash marketing practiced by the best-known male marketers. Watch out, guys–we’re coming for you! ;o)

  3. Marc, I appreciate this article. There are amazing women online, many of whom I would definitely consider gurus, however, they are simply not promoted enough. Off the top of my head would be Lynn Terry and Heidi Richards, Kim Emerson and Jenn Givler. I would love to see more promotion from these ladies as well as the others that are absolute experts in their field! Thanks Marc for poining out the lack of women gurus. Does anyone have any other suggestions to add to these lists. Let’s start promoting these wonderful ladies and have them share their expertise with all online marketers, not just males or females!

    Yours in networking,
    Carol Deckert, Networking Maven
    Referrals Unlimited Network

  4. Also a shout out to Lynn Terry who is far too modest to call herself a Guru and yet has many fans.

  5. Hi Marc, interesting question you raise.

    Let me offer this observation: I think there are plenty of female gurus and some are quite well know in their niches.

    But then again, I have only heard of one of the names you mentioned above. So whether someone is big or not, depends on how tuned in one is to that particular niche. You’re tuned in, so you know those names. I’m not tuned, so most of their names are meaningless to me.


  6. To me, that means that social media will bring an emergence of a large number of successful women marketers. The way we sell online is changing, and the time for women is now.

  7. Now that you point it out – yeah, I really can’t think of a whole lot of female gurus in Internet marketing, per say. You have tons of female guru bloggers – Kathy Sierra, Pistachio, Meg Fowler, etc… but Cathy Stucker is right.

    Women aren’t attracted to the same kind of hard sell, so why would we do it ourselves? Often the first test is the self test, and this can be extremely limiting.

    As an SEO ghostwriter for many years, I was one of the very few women in a network of over 500 ghostwriters who wrote those 5 page sales letters. There were probably only 30 women altogether, and maybe 3 of us ever got sales letter gigs on a regular basis.

    It’s funny how the statistics skew as soon as you change the medium for the message.

  8. I would like to thank all of you ladies for your comments. It is good to see some good discussion going on here.

    A big thanks to all of you who contributed names of women gurus – this is a learning experience for me as well.

    I do agree with you Cathy that the face of marketing will change with the emergence of social marketing. The collaborative nature of women will be very powerful and effective in a world where discussion is the most effective method of marketing.

  9. I don’t think you have properly researched the countless women business types seek counsel in everyday. There are numerous gurus and female business guides that fail to get the recognition they deserve! I actually work with Microsoft, and right now I?m really excited to spread the word about the ?Vision to Venture? tour they?re having between April and May, which will consist of five live events. One of the featured speakers, Susan Solovic, an award winning small business advocate, will be discussing online business promotion that?s easy and affordable, as well as many other speakers offering industry tips. The tour is fully geared towards women entrepreneurs and savvy web gals.You can see more and register at http://smallbusiness.officelive.com/v2v/ so let me know what you think! And if you have any questions, I?d be more than happy to answer them ?

  10. Thanks for sharing.. I couldn’t agree less, the opportunity is great.. considering women with a soft but sharp thinking, will surely helps in building a more colourfull thought of community.. I’ve started mine by encouraging participation from ladies and the result is the increase in traffic and subscribers…


  11. I haven’t given it much thought until I read this post. But, I must say, it appears as if there are very few if any female gurus online. I hope some of the women in this forum will pick up on what is obviously an ideal online business opportunity.

  12. I haven’t thought about women gurus either, until this post. Most of the Internet Marketing people I’ve come across are men – this is certainly an interesting opportunity for women. I wonder if it’s because women are just content to sit back quietly while men are constantly pushing their ideas aggressively.

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