OAPD: Big Day for Making Sites

Written by Marc on July 3rd, 2008

It has been awhile since I updated my progress of the One Asset Per Day (OAPD) challenge.  I have been very busy with a blog posting service that I started up, but I finally had a moment to breathe and make some sites today.  The sites that I created today are not related to my core market, but were niche markets that I came up with and I felt that they would be easy to succeed in.

The first Squidoo lens I made today was about bad breath causes and remedies.  It is something that we all suffer from, and it was a good opportunity to write about something that I was familiar with (not that I have bad breath all the time).

Today I also created my first Squidoo group – All Squidoo Lenses Welcome.  It really didn’t take a lot of time to create, and it will also help with subsequent Squidoo lenses I create.  The one thing that I learned today about groups on Squidoo is that the group management interface is not very user friendly, so hopefully they will do something about it.

Feeling like I had made some good headway in terms of Squidoo lens creation, I continued to make one more about Mac and Cheese.  Now, I realize that this is about as far away as I can get from the core of my business, but I came up with the idea thanks to my lunch.  It didn’t take very long either, and it is an opportunity to sell food online as an affiliate – I’ll see how well that goes.

Lastly, I headed over to Hubpages and created a hub about antioxidant foods.  There has been a lot of talk of antioxidants in the media, but quite frankly, I didn’t understand what they did.  So, I made a hub that will make money, and learned something in the process – definitely a good use of my time.

I think I might even have time tomorrow to continue this site building process – it will depend on how much interest I get in my Squidoo lens building service that I launch tomorrow.

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