Creating an Online Business with No Budget

Written by Marc on September 1st, 2008

One of the biggest hurdles for some people with respect to starting a business is finding the capital to make it happen.  The problem is that most people don’t have much in terms of savings or other money to spare, and the thought of shelling out a lot of money to invest in a new business venture can be a large hurdle.

But thanks to the development of Web 2.0 sites, that is no longer a problem.  Quite a few of these Web 2.0 properties allow someone with no money to earn their first dollars online.  Sure, there is a bit of a time commitment, but beyond that, no money is required.

A good example of these types of sites would be or  They allow you to setup a page on any topic or product, include some modules that allow you to sell on your page, and provide you with the means of making money without having to invest any upfront.

For a more experienced web entrepreneur, they are also a great test bed in terms of trying out new markets with no capital outlay.  For example, if you were to setup a Squidoo lens about Sharp Aquos LCD televisions and you made a couple of sales, chances are it would be a good idea to create a site around that same product to capitalize on the interested buyers.

So for those of you out there that are using the lack of money as an excuse for starting a business online, it is no longer an issue – there are plenty of sites that allow you to create your business with no money required.

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