Testing Markets out with Squidoo

Written by Marc on October 17th, 2008

I know that I have talked about Squidoo.com quite a bit on this blog over the past few months.  There is a good reason that I am talking about it, and I would like to share it with you today.

You see, the biggest challenge for most of us who are building websites is that we just don’t know if a certain idea will work or not until we try it.  I suppose that this is something that is true no matter what your business is, but it would be nice to test out a market before we made any investment of capital into it, right?

Well, Squidoo lets you do just that: you can pick pretty much any topic, setup a page in about half an hour, add it to some groups, market a little bit, and then sit and wait to see what happens.

If the lens generates some income in the first month from your little bit of promotion, chances are that you have found a niche that you should take advantage of.

If the lens doesn’t generate any sales, do a little more promotion, and give it another month to sit.  If you don’t see any results after the two months, either you can keep the lens or sell it – there is no point spending more time on it.

So, the next time you have an idea for a website, but you are unsure if it will be a profitable idea or not, try out Squidoo.com, follow the above techniques, and test the market before you invest any cash.

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