Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Written by Marc on January 19th, 2009

turtle One of the biggest challenges that new business owners face is to curb their expectations of an instant windfall.  Many of these owners will give up on their business prematurely since they figure that it just won’t work and therefore they quit.

A good example of this phenomenon would be the dot com craze of the late nineties.  It was much like the goldrush of many years ago, and many people looked to the Internet to make a quick buck.  But when the dust cleared, many didn’t make their fortune and turned their backs on the Internet since “No one can make money online” – which was clearly an overreacion.

But how can you succeed at your business online or offline?

The “secret” (insert some sarcasm here) of success is to do what the turtle did in the race between him and the hare – go slow and steady.  Now, I don’t mean that you give up that aggressive business tendencies by any means – rather, you should have a cool head about it.  Really, what is important is the consistency of your actions.

But behind this consistency, you need to have a commitment to your business as well.  Whether that commitment is to promote your website in five new places each day, or something a little more aggressive as increasing your sales by ten percent each month.  With a clear and tangible goal in mind, you will have some focus on where you need to be going, and then all you have to do is work on it a little bit each day to get there.

Does this take time?  You bet.  But remember the result of the turtle racing against the hare: the turtle won.  To put it simply:

The “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” mentality means to be consistently growing your business each and everyday.  Through these small consistent steps, your business will see growth and profits like never before.

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One Response to “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”

  1. Yes slow and steady is the the way to go, also do not get off track in following your heart or your plan.

    It is like there are people out there that have a meter that tells them when a new person is trying to start a business, and they send out digital bots that distract you in anyway they can.

    Stay focused and you will be ok.

    Scott Crawley

    Skype scwealth

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