Creating Wealth or Earning It: Entrepreneur vs. Employee

Written by Marc on February 9th, 2009

legoblocksThere are a lot of obvious differences between a business owner and an employee.  Some of the more common ones would be a paycheck, making $XX per hour, and being able to put in your time and leave the company you work for out of your mind when you go home.

But when it comes to being a business owner, one of the defining characteristics would be a different point of view on things.  Perhaps one of the most distinguishing differences would be the vocabulary of an entrepreneur compared to an employee.

For example, an employee would say I earn (or make) $XX per hour.  Their earnings are based on time and they earn money based on their time investment.

But for entrepreneurs, we create wealth instead of earning it.  For example, I created a website that generates $500 per month. 

The goal for the entrepreneur is to create assets that generate income for them into the future whereas the employee is looking to earn as much money as they can per hour.  The difference between the two ideologies is that the earning power of the employee is limited (due to time) whereas the entrepreneur’s potential is unlimited.

For me, I would rather be a creator than an earner – but don’t get me wrong, without employees, us business owners would never be able to create the wealth that we do.

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