Taking Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Written by Marc on August 18th, 2009

seasonal trends One of the things that every business person needs to be aware of is seasonal trends.  Essentially, you should know what times of year are the most profitable for your business and be ready for them.  If you are not, you are missing opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Some of the most common examples would be the Christmas shopping season from September through to December which applies to retailers both online and offline.  Another good example is the season that we are in right now in North America – back to school.  If you are a retailer (online or offline) that sells school supplies, clothing, or computers, your income should be up right now.

The point is that if you know what customers are looking for a different times of the year, you can setup your business to take advantage of what you know, and offer the appropriate products at the appropriate time.  Most industries have seasonal trends that you can take advantage of, and if you don’t know what they are, you should ask your customer – they will usually tell you exactly what they are looking for.

But you also need to make sure that you are prepared for the dips in spending (or revenue) during the slow seasons so that your company isn’t forced to shut down.  A good example of these types of trends would be college students using proxy sites.  During the summer when they are not in school, traffic to these types of sites pretty much disappears.  But, during the school term (September through April), these types of sites do very well.

So make sure that you are aware of seasonal trends in your business.  Be sure to take advantage of the busy seasons where you have the opportunity to increase your profit, and prepare for the slow seasons to ensure the survival of your business.  If you follow this advice, your business will have a very fruitful life now and into the future.

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