Child-Proof your Home Office

Written by Marc on November 29th, 2009

home-office One of the things that I had always thought was sacred in my home was my office.  I have told the kids a number of times over the years that the office is off limits, and I thought that they understood that.

But just this past week while on a business trip, my four year old decided that she wanted to spin around on my office chair.  I am sure she had a grand old time, but it didn’t last long.

You see, she knocked my computer over, which in turn made my headset smash on the floor and break too.  Thankfully the damage wasn’t any worse, but it certainly could have been.

Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson this week, and you can learn from my mistakes.  I took for granted that my home office was safe from my kids, but based on my experience, I was wrong.  So for you entrepreneurs out there that work at home, take a second look at your office and make sure it is child-proof.

Some simple things that you can do to protect your home office from your children are:

  1. Put a lock on your office door and keep the door closed and locked when you are not there
  2. If you don’t have a door, get one.  An alternative to a door could be something as simple as a baby gate, provided you have a doorway into your office
  3. Teach your kids that it is important that they don’t go in your office while you are not around
  4. Put any breakable items away when you are done for the day.  This can include breakable items on your desk, computer headsets, and your MP3 player.  If there is a possibility of it getting broken, then hide it.
  5. Make sure your spouse understands that the kids don’t belong in your office.  If they don’t, they may not pay enough attention or discipline the kids when they are found in there.

Even though you may make every effort to keep your children out of your office, there will always be a chance that they get in there anyway.  But by taking the right precautions, you reduce the chances of them doing any damage.  Think of child-proofing your office as risk management.

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