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Where to find online businesses for sale: Part 1

Written by Marc on March 22nd, 2007 with no comments

I get a lot of questions as to where to buy established online businesses.  I am talking about real, established online businesses, not some unreasonable eBay site for sale.  Take a look at these sites:

DigitalPoint Forums

The forums on the DigitalPoint website are full of experienced webmasters offering their knowledge, expertise, and their sites for sale.  You can buy sites and domains for as little as a couple of dollars up to thousands of dollars.  I find that most of the sales are legitimate, and that sellers are happy to provide proof of revenue, traffic, etc.  Check them out.

SitePoint Forums

This is also another forum where webmasters hang out.  Their auction system for site sales is a little better than …

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Saskatchewan Businesses for Sale – Where to find them online

Written by Marc on March 15th, 2007 with no comments

If you are looking to buy an established business in Saskatchewan, take a look online.  It is a lot easier than calling up a realtor or trying to find listings for them in the paper.

I would suggest checking out  Here you can find businesses for sale in Saskatchewan, and the rest of the provinces in Canada.  Also, there are business listings for companies for sale in the United States as well.  You can find the price, details of the sale, and pertinent contact information.  So far, this has been the most complete website I have seen for businesses for sale in Canada.

Be sure to do your due diligence on any business you …

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